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Holiday Shopping Tips + Tricks

Holiday Shopping Tips

Holiday Shopping Tips Holiday Shopping Tips

As much as we love the holiday season, it’s certainly not without its stressful moments. Making your shopping list, checking it twice, then getting everything wrapped, ready, shipped and transported can make for some hectic holidays.

To help you survive the season, we’ve put together our top three favorite holiday tips and tricks:

  1. Start planning

No matter how organized your normally may (or may not) be, a list is an absolute must-have this time of year. Make a list of everyone you plan to give a gift to, and update the status of the list as you work through it. It may sound nerdy now but you’re sure to thank us later.

  1. Shop small

Each and every Boots & Arrow collar is handmade locally in Texas using the leather of upcycled cowboy boots and features hand stitching, solid brass hardware, laser etching and hand painted details – something we’re truly proud of. Like us, there are many other businesses that support these same principles. Give small merchants and makers the support they need during the holiday season. Not only will you get a great gift, but you’ll also have the opportunity to share the story behind the gift when you give it. Win win. 

  1. Perfect your wrap game

Once you’ve made your purchases, you’ll be all set to get wrapping. Boots & Arrow collars come with brass plated tags and our beautiful packaging, which helps to make your job that much easier. If you’re travelling, order your wrapping to your destination and wrap your presents when you arrive. This will save you time – not to mention pre-travel hassle.

Remember – the key to a successful holiday gifting game is staying organized and getting everything done in advance. And for all Boots & Arrow holiday gift-ers, keep the following details in mind:

  • Every order comes with a special Boots & Arrow gift valued at $25
  • For Christmas Eve delivery, orders must be received by December 18th for Priority Mail deliveries and December 21st for Priority Mail Express deliveries. We recommend ordering your collar sooner rather than later to avoid any potential shipping delays or issues.




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