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Introducing: Vintage Dog Bandanas

As much as we pride ourselves on quality, there's one thing all of us at Boots & Arrow can agree is just as important: style.

Just ask Arrow, our mascot, namesake and resident homegirl. One look at her and it's pretty clear that a life of style is pretty important. (Leisure, lots of long walks and plenty of good treats doesn't hurt, either.)

Vintage Dog Bandana

Enter our newest product and one that's been in the works for a while: one-of-a-kind dog bandanas.

Crafted of vintage bandanas locally sourced in our hometown of Austin, each style features custom-designed screen printing and unique, hand-finished detailing. There are over 35 colors to choose from and each bandana is both machine washable and reversible. These super high-quality pieces easily tie on and fit up to an 18” neck.

Vintage Dog Bandana

Vintage Dog Bandana

Our bandanas also pair well with our leather collars made from upcycled cowboy boots and our versatile leather dog leashes

And like all of our pieces, each bandana is handcrafted by our small team in Texas and benefits rescue dogs in need.

Vintage Dog Bandana

So while high-quality construction, brass detailing and durable leathers may be important to us, high-style pooch accessories occupy just as large of a place in our hearts.

Just ask Arrow.

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