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Fourth of July Safety Tips for your Pup

Fourth of July_dog safety tips

The Fourth of July is by far one of our favorite holidays.  We eagerly wait for the fireworks to whistle through the air and pop in the sky with brilliant sparkle and wild color. We plan celebratory barbeques by the pool with our donut and pizza floats, and we sport our most ridiculous red, white and blue outfits. The United States’ birthday is always one for the record books. With the Patriotic festivities in full swing, the sparklers of fun can distract us from our furry companions. Since each of us at Boots & Arrow love our pups and care for their safety, we wanted to share 5 ways to keep your furry family member safe on Fourth of July.

  1. Do NOT let your Animal Consume Booze – We love a good, cold beer or summer cocktail on Independence Day, but your pet does not. Remember, your body is different from you pet’s body. If your dog (or cat) ingests alcohol, they can go into coma or suffer from respiratory failure, which can ultimately lead to death. Keep those fireworks cracking by keeping the beer away from your canine.
  2. Keep your Sunscreen and Insect Repellant to Yourself – We may lather on the SPF 50 (for some of us SPF 70) and spray our entire being with insect repellant, but your dog doesn’t need it. Sunscreen and insect repellant are extremely toxic to animals. According to the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), protective lotions and sprays can cause drooling, vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy and possibly neurological damage.
  3. Your Pet Does Not like the Rockets’ Red Glare – Yes, we are talking about fireworks. We all anticipate lounging on a grassy hill with our friends comparing the bursts of colorful glitter in the sky. (The weeping willow fireworks are still the best in our opinion.) Dogs are a different story. The loud noise of the fireworks gives dogs extreme anxiety. Think about your pup when a thunderstorm rolls into town. Your pup doesn't know the difference between the two. Enjoy the fireworks with your friends but leave your dog behind.  
  4. Human Food is Not Dog Food – When you host a backyard barbecue for holidays like the Fourth of July, it’s hard to keep human food where it belongs, on the table or in our stomachs. Kids slip the pups a chip or two or three. Your best friend drops a piece of her Patriotic tart on the ground and Fido takes advantage of the fail. Regardless, human food can give dogs indigestion and diarrhea. Animals have sensitive digestive tracks and can’t digest our food. Some foods are even toxic to animals. It’s hard to keep watch but just be aware.
  5. Make Sure your Pup is Properly Identified – With all the crowds and noises on Fourth of July, dogs can flee. Make sure you have detailed dog ID tags on your dog’s collar with more than just your dog’s name. Make sure the tag has your name, phone number and address. If your dog has an ID chip, make sure all of the information is current.

Our dogs are part of our families and we should treat them as such.   We should never forget about their safety during the holidays. The best way to keep your pet safe on holidays like Fourth of July is to simply leave them indoors. Let them out to use the bathroom and let them run circles around the backyard the day after the party. One day indoors won’t hurt their feelings.  

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