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Meet Happy Ringo the Badger Dog

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In case you didn't know, we're pretty obsessed with dogs. To us, pups are more than animals; they are our family and most loyal friends. Founder Kristin Moses has spent close to 17 years rescuing dogs and was inspired to launch Boots and Arrow after she adopted Arrow from ADORE Houston. This year, we are starting a series that highlights different pups that live extraordinary lives with their humans. First up, Ringo the Badger Dog. You may know him as Happy Ringo on Instagram. 

When did Ringo become part of your family? Back in 2007!

What was Ringo’s story before you brought him home?

My friend knew of a farmer who owned a dog that had some pups and needed homes. It was an accidental litter, and they were planning to take them to the shelter. Ringo and his sister were the last two pups left. Under those circumstances, I ended up taking both of them home with me. I re-homed his sister and planned to do the same with Ringo. Somehow he was able to convince me otherwise, and we've been inseparable ever since!

happy ringo, dogs, pets, catahoula, boots and arrow

Tell us why you chose the name Ringo?

People always think it must be because I have some obsession with The Beatles band, but actually that isn't the case. The honest truth: I just felt he looked like a Ringo, and the name just seemed to fit. And that's how his name became Ringo!

What is Ringo’s breed and what are some fun facts about the breed?

Based on the farmer's dogs, I can only assume he is part Blue Heeler and part Catahoula. Based on his personality and physical traits, I firmly believe that assumption is correct as he possesses many quirks of both those breeds. He's a complete velcro dog, constantly needs direction/work, and can be highly stubborn.

happy ringo, dog, catahoula, boots and arrow

If Ringo had a job title, what would it be?

Hmmm that's a tough one...he definitely would be one hard worker...despite his job title, he would more than likely still go by his nickname, Badger.

What is Ringo’s personality like?

He's so loyal and loving. Intelligent, observant, and curious. Always aiming to please and ready for direction. Stubborn, resilient, persistent, and an opportunist. Owns an acute attention to detail with that Heeler laser-like focus. Let's just say he has quite the personality - I really couldn't ask for a better dog!

happy ringo, dogs, catahoula, boots and arrow

What is one of the most memorable moments you’ve had with Ringo?

Gosh! That's a tough one. I mean, he's been everywhere with me since the day I brought him home. From the beach to the mountains to even college graduation, Ringo always was there. Out of all the years together, the most memorable ones would have to be the mornings when I would wake up to his sweet badger face staring right back at me (as he laid on the pillow next to me and took up a whole half of my bed).

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