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Meet The Whitest Pups You Know: Beebs, Stache and Jax

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Beebs, Stache and Jax are the three dog personalities of The Whitest Pups You Know on Instagram. We have been following the pups for a while and have been simply enamored with their personalities. All three pups were adopted and live in Indiana with their owner, Kelsey. We are thrilled that Kelsey took a minute to tell us more about the three pups who have stolen the hearts of over 124,000 followers on Instagram and 10,000 followers on Facebook. (Please note how amazing they look in our dog collars!)

We know you rescued Beebs from the Castaway Pit Bull Rescue. How did you know you were going to take Beebs home with you? And, how did you hear about the rescue?

My best friend since 7th grade, Manya, was the one who started up her own rescue called Castaway Pit Bull Rescue. She would pull dogs from local shelters and foster them until they found permanent homes. I actually didn't think I'd be able to adopt Beebs at all. When I first saw her shelter photo I immediately fell in love, but we had a Yorkie at the time, Simon, who was a senior, blind, and diabetic pup. Plus my mom was always afraid of any larger sized dogs, let alone bull breeds. When Manya first brought Beebs over, she was so calm even as a pup that Simon automatically felt comfortable with her and actually cuddled up along side her which had never happened before. My mom saw how sweet she was and knew I had a thing for white bull breeds so she made me a deal that if I got my license (I was 23 at this time) that I could adopt Beebs. I have social anxiety and driving was and still is a fear of mine. My mom ended up giving in to letting me adopt her before I took my test so I could practice with Beebs in the car. I ended up passing!

Speaking to your social anxiety, do you feel that having pups have helped you? 

Having Beebs has enabled me to have a little bit more freedom. I usually won't go anywhere alone. With Beebs I have been able to go to dog events, parks, and pet stores with just us. I am able to meet people when she's with me and not totally freak out about it. Even just with the pups social media account has helped a ton. I have met so many people local and far who are just plain amazing, and also met a lot of people with similar problems as me. It definitely helps to know you're not the only one who experiences these things.

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How did Beebs acclimate to being with a family?

She did really well. She was fostered for a couple of months by Manya before I adopted her so she was already pretty used to living in a home. She got along with Simon perfectly and was attached to my side when Simon passed just a week after adopting Beebs. He had grown another kidney stone and was too old/weak to survive the surgery. It was a hard time but Beebs was the best friend a girl could have. Her only big "oops" moment was actually totally our fault. When we first got Beebs, we would crate her when we left since we didn't know how she would do alone in the house and didn't want her to hurt herself. She ended up breaking a nail the first time we left her in the crate for an hour to run errands, and I felt horrible. My dad suggested leaving her in the bathroom next time, we figured it wasn't a bad idea. It totally was. We were gone for an hour and came home to the downstairs raining, literally. I ran upstairs and got Beebs out of there as fast as possible while my mom turned off the water. Once we made sure Beebs was okay, we checked out the damage and it was insane! All 3 floors of our house were completely flooded and the ceilings were collapsing. She chewed through the toilet line. Thankfully, State Farm doesn't discriminate against certain breeds and they covered the whole thing. All we had to replace was the $15 toilet line! She has never destroyed a single thing since, only her toys! 

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What advice would you give to someone who adopts a timid dog like Beebs?

Beebs was and still is shy around humans and kids when no other dogs are around. She prefers animals over people and feels much more relaxed if they are around. Just take it slow, go at their pace, and have plenty of patience.

Jax is a Dogo Argentino. Tell us more about this breed and why it intrigued your family. 

The Dogo Argentino was bred in Argentina with a mix of different breeds, including the Great Pyrenees, Irish Wolfhound, Pointer, Great Dane, Dogue de Bordeaux, Boxer, Spanish Mastiff, Bulldog, Bull Terrier, and the now extinct Dog of Cordoba. We first fell in love when we saw a photo of a Dogo Argentino because they are just such gorgeous dogs. When we did a little research, we found that they are loyal protectors, great family dogs, and big goofs. It was then we knew we needed one! 

dog collars, the whitest pups you know, leather dog collars, boots and arrow
dog collars, the whitest pups you know, leather dog collars, boots and arrow

When did the three pups become so photogenic? What are photoshoots like with them i.e. how do you get them to sit still?

I honestly started taking photos with them and working on their sit/stays as soon as we got each one. Most of the time it's me behind the camera with a treat in hand or making crazy noises to get their attention haha! They have no problems with me taking photos as long as food is involved.

 dog collars, the whitest pups you know, leather dog collars, boots and arrow

What has been your favorite part about adopting three dogs?

Just seeing each of their own unique and goofy personalities. Beebs is the mom of the pack and tells the boys when to calm down, and also the diva. Stache is the jock who is a total ladies man. Jax is just the derp king/whiner of the group. The way they interact with each other is honestly my favorite entertainment. They're either rough playing and making crazy loud noises while doing so, or cuddling up to each other while taking a nap. Basically, just living with them is my favorite part. They make life so much fun and you never know what each day will hold living with these goofs.

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