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Meet Nika and Kira the Two Husketeers


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This week we are introducing you to two beautiful Siberian Huskies, Nika and Kira. If you don't follow their adventures on Instagram, you should (@2husketeers). Their owner Kaitlin took a moment to tell us more about her two best friends and Husketeers. You may find yourself on the hunt for a sweet Husky for yourself! 

Tell us why you chose Huskies. Did you grow up with the breed?

My husband, Jonathan, and I both grew up with small toy breed dogs.  Once we moved in together it was odd to both of us not having a dog around.  We are a very active couple.  We go on daily runs together, roller blade, hike, paddle board, attend outdoor events in our neighborhood, and the list goes on.  We wanted a dog that could keep up with us and knew we wanted a larger dog.  I've always been in love with Huskies after seeing them in movies, photos, and hearing about the Iditarod.  After researching the breed, I feel in love even more with talk of their "woo wooooing," their outgoing/individual personalities, and their need to be active.  It sounded like the perfect breed for us! And it definitely was and still is!

How did you know that Nika and Kira were meant to be with you? Did you have a connection at first sight?

We got Nika first and fell in love with her little dot on her forehead and her big blue eyes.  After two years, we thought Nika needed a dog friend to play with.  It was an easy choice to choose another Husky!  There's a saying that Husky owners say, "Huskies are like potato chips, you can't have just one!"  Both of them have very dominant personalities and it took a bit for them to get use to each other.  One day it just clicked, they got along, and they have been inseparable since. 

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 Describe Nika’s personality.

Nika is such a loving and caring dog.   She's pretty laid back except when it comes to her squeaky toys as she'll hoard those in her bed.  Nika enjoys laying in the yard surveying her kingdom no matter the temperature outside.  She loves getting pet and will reward you with several doggie kisses.  Mention going for a run, to the dog park, or dog sledding and she is up, at the door, and ready to go.  She doesn't take life too seriously and doesn't always follow instructions.  Plan on watching your shrubs as she'll pull sticks off to get you to chase her around the yard, but throw a ball and she'll just stare at it.

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 Describe Kira’s personality.

Kira is VERY energetic and needy.  She does laps around Nika and picks on her like any little sister-from-another-mister would do.  Her favorite game is stealing the squeaky toys out of Nika's bed and squeaking them in front of her. Kira always has to be touching you or next to you be it laying underneath your chair while eating dinner, putting her nose in whatever your fixing, or snuggling on the bed.  She's very vocal and tell you exactly what she thinks with her "woo woooos." Everything Kira does is at a speed of 100 mph.

What’s it like being a parent to two Huskies?

Always entertaining! Both Nika & Kira have such different personalities that always keep us on our toes.  Nika tries to get us to chase her outside by ruining our shrubs, and Kira should be a professional hole digger if you don't keep a close on her.  They are the BEST running partners as they never complain, want to stop, or get tired on a run!  The best part about being a Husky parent is the reward from coming home from a bad day at work and seeing their fluffy tail wagging, their wooo wooos of joy, and their excitement to see you!   

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Do you have any advice for someone who wants to adopt a Husky?

Invest in a good vacuum cleaner and stop buying black clothes! ;-) Hair is everywhere!  Also, make sure to do your research and know what you are getting into.  They are the best dogs when properly trained, but training isn't for the faint of heart with this breed.  They have a mind of their own!  The best training advice I ever got is that a tired dog is a happy dog!  Be ready to give them lots of exercise and better behavior should eventually follow. 

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